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Industry-Leading Health and Beauty Care Product Line At Your Disposal

Founded by Antonette El Baz, Lush PCOS Pro is an industry-leading Health/Beauty Care Product Line, has introduced new hair re-growth oils which helps fight hair fall and dandruff. Offering clients a wide range of quality oils from around the world to grow and to maintain soft, thick, healthy hair.. Established on the ideals of holistic health, dignity, and confidence, Lush PCOS Pro offers beauty products for the PCOS woman to enjoy.

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Lush PCOS Pro

Promising Long Lasting Hair Re-growth in Every Purchase

Wet Hair

LUSH Hair Masks

Our hair masks are hair food and nourishment for the scalp, rids itchy scalp, strengthens the roots, and promotes hair growth.

  • Lush Fenugreek Hair Mask

  • Lush Aloe Vera Hair Mask

LUSH Hair Oil

Our hair oils are guaranteed to:

 Promote circulation to the scalp

 Promote growth & thickness

 Support dry scalp and dandruff prevention

 Support prevention of split ends

 Help seal the hair shaft

 Help to seal in moisture and shine

 Can use as a hot oil treatment or pre-poo

 Promote growth in areas of bald spots

  • Lush Castor Oil

  • Lush Rosemary Oil

  • Lush Coconut Oil

LUSH Herbal Tea

Our hair regeneration fenugreek herbal tea promotes blood circulation, fights against hair fall, dryness, thinning and dandruff.

Our Fenugreek tea helps to balance hormones in PCOS women, improves glucose tolerance, and helps to control excess weight gain.

  • Lush Fenugreek Herbal Tea