Explaining PCOS to Partner

Hello, my name is Antonette El Baz, and I am the founder and owner of Lush PCOS Pro. I help women who are struggling with PCOS hair loss regrow their hair to healthy, vibrant hair with my all natural hair loss products. And today we're going to get into the topic that I get asked about a lot. Many women struggle with how do I bring this condition (PCOS) to their significant other. As you know, PCOS affects all aspects of our life.

So when we get involved with someone intimate, whether we're dating them or we marry, this is going to come up. These symptoms affect our everyday life, whether it's the funky hair growth or it's the hair loss or the facial hair, the acne or anxiety, or just the way you have to eat now to manage to condition, your irregular periods or infertility when its time to start a family with that person.

Since this will come up, you probably want to know what's the best way to address this. Like how can you explain this to your partner in a way that they understand as a guy? So I would first start by explaining that PCOS is pretty much a hormone imbalance. It's hormones that pretty much control every process in your body. That's what affects so many different areas of our body. And often times there's an excess level of testosterone, that's usually the main culprit.

So our levels of testosterone are usually elevated so we have too much of it, as well as other hormone imbalances. There can also be other hormones that are imbalanced and that's a whole other topic where we can get into hormones like your thyroid and progesterone. In a nutshell, it is a hormone imbalance and most likely you have a much higher level as a woman than what you need of testosterone.

And these hormones are what controls every process in your body. And this is why so many areas can get affected when it comes to PCOS. So let's get into how do we explain this to that special somebody in a way that he can't understand? I always think the best way someone can understand or at least try is to get them to imagine themselves in your shoes. And a lot of times when they can see themselves in it, they'll start to feel it, too, like, oh, OK.

So tell that special person, “Can you imagine if you had a sex hormonal imbalance? Let's say you had too little testosterone.” And by having so little testosterone this would cause you to be unable to build muscle mass. You can't build any muscles and you'll start going bald and losing your hair. Or perhaps you'll just be really tired all the time. Just no energy for anything. It can make you have a low sex drive, you just won't have that desire to have sex and that can definitely affect a relationship when one partner just doesn't have that desire. You could have difficulty getting erections because testosterone hormone plays a major role in getting that erection. You could have different mood changes and that for sure it would affect the relationship.

Not only does it affect all those other areas, like that's not enough. There has to be another layer to. Right. You haven't suffered enough. This condition now puts you at an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Can you imagine that? One little thing seems so small. Just having so little testosterone causes all these other things to happen in your body, you could go bald, you would have trouble building muscle, you'd be tired all the time and have low sex drive and your mood would be all over the place. And now you're at increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Ask your guy how that would make him feel going through all that and knowing that he's at an increased risk for other more major conditions, how he would feel about that and maybe, just maybe he would understand now what you're going through and he'll find how best to support his spouse or girlfriend or significant other a partner. He will understand what you're going through because you've put it in the perspective of if he had to go through that.

And maybe he can use that to understand a little better about what you're going through so that he is better able and equipped to support you through this because you're going to need his support. All right. Well, I hope it works out for you. And if you have any questions, you can always email me at with any questions. I'm going to be posting all kinds of content for you guys.

I'm going to address more topics like this. I'm going to give you tips and tricks of dealing with all these pesky symptoms of PCOS, things that work for me, things that haven't worked so well, sharing other stories that sisters have shared with me and definitely always having my products available at

The hair growth bundle is super popular and I also have a course with some meal plans. The course is really good because it helps you identify your PCOS type. So there are four known types of PCOS and depending on your type made up in your approach to it and what works for you and what does it. Because as I always say, it's not a one size fits all, for a PCOS woman. It's different and you can't take the exact same approach you do for one and use it for the other.

All right. Well, thanks for joining me today. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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