Is PCOS Causing Your Fatigue?

Do you feel fatigued? Sluggish? Lethargic? While there are many reasons why you could be feeling fatigue, whether it’s just busy schedules or lack of sleep, I’m not just talking about simple day to day tiredness. I’m talking about total exhaustion on a regular basis.

I know for me I was experiencing just total and complete fatigue. I mean there were times I would get out of bed and just feel dizzy like I’m going to fall over. It started to affect me mentally because I didn’t feel like I was being productive enough. Being a busy mom of three I was going to bed later and waking up even later. It’s like this weird phenomenon where I’m sluggish and tired all day but then finally once I get the kids to bed and I lay down I’m wide awake.

Then I found out that my fatigue and low energy was most likely linked to my hormonal and balances caused by my PCOS. I also found that my insulin resistance also played a role, which is a condition that’s found in the majority of women that have PCOS. This crazy condition is always full of surprises. I swear never a dull moment, smh.

I decided to figure out ways to combat this fatigue. By making some simple lifestyle changes and supplementation I was able to fight my PCOS fatigue.


My first line of attack was my diet. I started eating a low-carb diet and the carbs that I did eat were complex carbs. I made sure to eat foods that were rich and iron and I paired this with vitamin C supplementation because vitamin C helps me absorb iron better. I made sure to eat a good healthy breakfast to go ahead and start balancing my blood sugar for the day.


Then I started to work on my hydration. Water has always been my nemesis. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get the right amount of water each day. It’s seriously a struggle. But I do know one of the reasons I don’t like to drink so much water, is because I don’t like to have to go to the restroom so often. I know this sounds silly, but I feel like I’m always on the run and I don’t have time for all the bathroom breaks. Plus, I’m not a public restroom fan. But I’ve tried to be strategic and try to consume my water mostly around the times I’ll be home. So with this one I had to really be intentional to get at least eight glasses of water in. Believe me it’s worth it I saw a huge difference not just in my energy levels and feeling dizzy, but my skin has been amazing.


Then I started focusing on getting some exercise. You don’t have to be militant with the exercise, especially if you’re someone like me whose life is mostly sedentary. Just adding any little bit of exercise will make a huge difference. So I started i

with 30 minutes a few times a week and it was nothing major, just a little bit of time on the treadmill and a few free weights. That’s it! But experiment and find something that works for you and that you can maintain.


Next I decided to tackle my sleep. I knew I was doing myself such an injustice and I needed to modify my sleep regiment. So I tried to put myself on schedule by going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each day. As hard as it is to avoid the scroll I decided to cut out screen time two hours before bed. Then I made sure my bedding was super comfortable, no lumps and bumps. I also made sure that the room was dark and I had a wind down routine to get me relaxed and ready for my slumber.


Finally, I turned to supplementation. Making sure I had a really good multivitamin as well as adding in iron and vitamin C to combat any anemia. Supplementation has been a really good help and helping to bring my body back into balance. Check out my list of Supplements.

In conclusion, many women with PCOS are likely to experience the symptoms of fatigue, low energy, or just total exhaustion. And unfortunately many women don’t even realize this additional symptom is related to their PCOS.

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