What is PCOS?

Hello and welcome! This big question is "What is PCOS?". So I'm here to explain that for you so that you can better understand your PCOS. My name is Antonette El Baz. I am a holistic health coach, founder and CEO of LUSH PCOS Pro and so we're gonna just go ahead and dive in.

Okay, so when we talk about “What is PCOS?”. Let's first think about the female body that has ovaries and uterus. So in a normal menstrual cycle, you have follicles that grow on the ovaries. And then you have eggs that develop within these follicles, now some will mature sooner than others, and then they'll be released into the fallopian tubes. This whole process is called ovulation. Now the remaining follicles that didn't mature will dissolve back into the ovary. Now that's how it works with a normal menstrual cycle.

When we're talking about polycystic ovaries, in that case, the ovaries are actually larger than normal. And there's a series of undeveloped follicles that can appear in clumps, and it looks like a bunch of grapes? So polycystic ovaries are not necessarily troublesome and they may not even affect your fertility. However, when the cysts cause a hormone imbalance, which is a pattern of symptoms that may develop.

These pattern of symptoms are called a syndrome. And these symptoms are the difference between suffering from PCOS or just simply having polycystic ovaries. So in that case, you can actually have polycystic ovaries without having PCOS.

However, all women with PCOS will have polycystic ovaries. So polycystic ovary syndrome is the name given to a metabolic condition in which a woman has polycystic ovaries along with certain patterns of other symptoms. That's going to reflect the imbalances in your reproductive and in your hormones. So we refer to PCOS as a metabolic condition, or a metabolic disorder. So by this, we mean that there are numerous factors in basic body processes that's just gone off track. And because your body is a unified whole, a problem or dysfunction in one area causes dysfunction and other areas. So PCOS is a dysfunction that's related to your whole body, not just your ovaries.

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